Public Impact

This sustained coverage in prime time broadcast news was instrumental in changing regulatory arrangements by the London Fire Brigade, revising best practice in local authorities (e.g. some committed to publishing fire risk assessments online), keeping national politicians focused  on the fire safety debate within the industry and within public consciousness.

In addition to the 18.00 news bulletin items presented on the narrative timeline supplied with this submission, there were also 13.00 bulletin and 22.00 bulletin broadcasts on the days highlighted.  (See the timeline for an overview)

In addition there was radio and online coverage.

BBC London News has a daily audience of approximately 2 million across all TV bulletins. Combined with the online repeats it is not unreasonable to estimate that this story reached several million viewers/listeners/readers making a significant contribution to the public understanding of the dangers of fire in high-rise buildings.

It forced a public inquiry by the London Assembly and changed the way local authorities disseminated information about Fire Risk Assessments in the main deciding to make ease of public access by putting them online.

“I am extremely grateful to be able to use the Lakanal Fire footage courtesy of Nigel Saunders and Paul Wood.

All the fire footage of the Lakanal House fire is their copyright.

All other material is BBC Copyright and available through public access online or through the 'box of broadcasts' portal.”

Professor Kurt Barling - 2017